“Thank you so much for helping our home become a welcoming and beautiful site. You took it from being a terrifying eye sore to a place my family spends all of our free time in. We are grateful to have found you. “
- Jennifer, Alameda, CA

"Mae Clark of Plenty Productive Landscapes prunes my fruit trees and does my landscaping. She and her crew are terrific. All my fruit trees bear more fruit since she's been pruning them and my front and back yard look better and better with her selection of flowers and plants. She shows up when she says she's going to show up, she answers my calls and emails promptly and she and her crew clean up after the job is done. Plenty also does paving, stonework and fencing among other things. I highly recommend them for your gardening, landscape and maintenance needs."

- Susan Z., Richmond, CA

"Mae transformed our backyard into delicious garden full of treats for us almost year round. All Spring we have been enjoying an abundance of large, delicious strawberries, and it looks like we will be having a large blueberry and blackberry crop this year as well. The plum tree is producing marvelously juicy and delicious fruit, and the apricot tree is so full of fruit its branches are hanging low. The backyard was single level, but Mae broke up the old concrete pad and used it to build a curving wall, creating a multi-level garden that is easier to harvest from and more appealing to the eye. She put in a beautiful new rock patio and pathway. She lowered the entire back yard and corrected the grade so that it will drain properly and water won't flood back up against the house. The garden is almost completely self-maintaining - we do almost no work back there. She put in an automatic irrigation system throughout the garden and her team comes out several times during the year to help keep everything in order. We have been completely thrilled with Mae and her wonderful team."

- Geoff G. and Edith H., El Cerrito, CA

"Over the years Mae Clark has worked for us, she's transformed our garden into a daily source of food and pleasure. Our landscape is truly part of our life. We rarely buy produce, and find color and interest in our garden year round. Our garden testifies to the scope of her skills, from masonry and stone work, carpentry, terracing, stairs, lighting, irrigation, soil preparation and planting, to skilled & timely maintenance for fruit trees and perennials. Shes always willing to do any special project I request, including oddball repairs and maintenance. Her crew helps us keep up with our composting, turning almost all of our green waste into rich compost. Although she used to joke that given the heavy clay soil we started with I really should have taken up pottery, shes used the compost to create planting beds with lovely, friable soil that yields an abundance of delicious produce. We recommend her for her horticultural expertise, and value her friendship."

- Jean and John H., Berkeley, CA

"Mae Clark is a Renaissance woman - just give her a site and let her vision guide you. Ten years ago, she designed and installed all the landscaping for our yard. That included retaining walls, paths, fences, stairs, irrigations system, raised beds, lawn, patio, fruit trees and vegetable garden. She did our job on time and within budget. Her creativity and commitment have exceeded all our expectations. She returns periodically to evaluate our maturing gardens and keep things growing beautifully. Maeis intelligent, witty and simply a joy to have in our lives!"

-Jim and Sandra E., Orinda, CA

"In 1996, the 'yard', so to speak, around our new house in Lafayette was a bare-earth hillside, so steep that we could barely stand up or walk around the area without falling down. Mae landscaped that wasteland with terraces, rock walls, a uniquely designed redwood fence, and gorgeous plants. Since then, she has occasionally tweaked and titivated (a word I learned from Mae) her design. Her taste, creativityand imagination are consummate. She takes a vested interest in her clients and their properties, and we especially appreciate her focus on native plants,water conservation and knowledge about what plants do best in the heavy clay soil and deer population in this area. Her crew is extremely hard-working and we trust them completely around our house, kids and pets.Thefees and expenses for Mae's services have always been very reasonable. Were devoted to Mae, and we commend her to you."

-Doug F.