Landscape Construction

With over 20 years experience in all phases of outdoor construction, GrowPlenty builds:

Fences, Gates and Arbors
Version 2 We take pride in building sustainable wood structures, including inspiring architectural grade wood fences and gates, 'invisible' deer fences, eco-friendly wire mesh fences and hedges, elegant arbors and support structures for vines, and special structures such as chicken coops, mailboxes and bike barns. Our motto is, anything built with wood should last as long as the tree was old.

Our patios and walkways utilize locally quarried stone, brick and concrete pavers wherever possible. We favor permeable design with bio-swales for on-site dispersal of rainwater. For a more elegant garden floor, we build dry-laid and mortared natural stone patios and paths, all carefully trimmed for a snug, low maintenance surface. As an economical alternative, we also do compacted stone dust (DG) paths and patios.

Retaining Walls
For hillside sites requiring terracing, or any situation where old concrete flatwork must be removed, our signature ‘Urbanite’ walls provide an environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing option that also saves money. These wall are constructed from saw-cut concrete, and use native soil ‘mortar’ so that the walls are always level and true. Our expert crew also excels in building dry-laid walls from locally quarried stone, artfully ‘dressed’ for an ideal fit. These walls have proven durability and beauty. We also build concrete block, Versalock and treated lumber walls.

A well-designed and professionally installed irrigation or sprinkler system will provide you with years of worry-free watering! Wise water use not only conserves a valuable resource, it also promotes a healthier, more vibrant garden. Our systems emphasize design details that minimize costly maintenance problems down the road, and utilize drip, microspray and rotator technology, hydro-zoned to match the needs of your plants.

Garden Stairs
Laggedreturns_2 An economical solution for ease of access on hilly landscapes, our “Lagged Return” stairs are always plumb and true—a vast improvement on typical ‘railroad tie’ steps. Lagged return steps can be curved to match the contours of your site, so have a park-like feel. For a more formal look, we also build wood, concrete and mortared natural stone stairs.

Soil Preparation and Plant Selection
Meticulous plant selection is key to the success of any garden. We love ‘cosmopolitan’ plants—coming from similar climates across the globe—from California, Australia, South Africa and Chile, drought-tolerant trees & shrubs, and fruit trees, vines and berries from Europe and Asia. GrowPlenty not only selects plants suited to your needs and site, but also chooses plants that are correctly grown. We never accept plant materials that are root bound or headed back. To ensure that your new garden thrives, we insist on careful soil preparation, hand spading the soil first, then blending in organic soil conditioners. Whenever possible, we delay planting detailed plants and annuals until the soil has been thoroughly purged of weeds.

Lawn Conversions
At GrowPlenty, we are not ‘anti-lawn.’ Lawns are a wonderful garden element in the right place, especially if you have kids. They also serve an important design function, by giving the eye a place to rest. And, as a practical matter, they require very little skill to maintain. Lawn substitutes must have the same positive features a lawn does—design simplicity, ease of maintenance and access via informal paths. That said, too many landscapes feature a ‘desert’ of lawn—vast, water-hogging expanses that are better converted to non-thirsty shrubs. We can also advise you as to any rebates available, both from the state as well as from local water agencies. Be aware, however, that there may be many generations of weed seeds waiting to sprout, we recommend delaying planting, or massive sheet mulching after planting.