Landscape Design & Planning

Our Design Philosophy

Thoughtful planning is key to successful landscapes. GrowPlenty begins with thorough site analysis, including GPS, climate and soil data, then balances these parameters with your desires and budget. By listening carefully to the homeowner, we can propose landscape solutions tailored to your dreams and practical needs.

Our Design Process

For landscape construction projects, an initial consultation is provided free of charge. This usually takes an hour to an hour and a half. We start by listening to your goals and making careful observation of the site, then make preliminary recommendations for overall layout. Should you like these ideas, we next create a Concept Plan.

The purpose of the concept plan is to integrate all the expressed goals and give you an idea of the costs involved; nothing is 'carved in stone.' If a site plan is already available, the concept plan usually requires four to six hours and is presented with a preliminary estimate. When you choose to engage our services, the plan can be further refined and a fixed bid prepared based on your preferences and budget.

To draw up a fixed bid requires accurate, detailed plans. Charges for drawings and estimates typically run about five percent of the total project cost; if you choose to contract with us, half of this amount is credited to the bid and serves as a deposit on the project.